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Games for Change

Each American creates 1800 pounds of trash per year. Katie and friends at Hello World Labs are creating an online behavior change game that teach people how to live without making any waste at all.


Katie is a popular keynote speaker on environmental innovation, delighting audiences with a refreshing spectrum of optimism and vision.   Katie incisively conveys the power of real world environmental data for use in game design to drive powerful world change and creativity in her seminal work ’How to Save the World’. Her second presentation, ‘Detrash The World’, weaves a …


Katie mixes some punk Betty Draper style with serious environmental science and a smattering of quirky reddit-esque nerd humor for the Detrashed Youtube channel.

Infographic Design

Green Pages

Have you ever wanted to get involved with your local environmental movement?  Join www.greenpages.es – a new web platform for the environmental movement to use to promote or get involved with local environmental campaigns, projects or events.