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Effective Action Checklist

Don't let these 42 critical points hold you back from your mission to save the earth.
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The Gamified Earth Matrix

Looking for ideas? Download this matrix of gamification features and environmental data indicators for new  insights into how to wrap gamification in to your project. 
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Top 3 Biggest Mistakes

Don't fall into the traps that many NGOs, start ups, and cities have made before you. Make sure you avoid these all-too-common mistakes
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​​​​​​​"An urgent and useful guide for anyone who seeks to make a difference. It will change your work for the better." - Seth Godin, Author, This is Marketing

"Katie's approach to doing valuable and impactful work is very well thought out and put together. - Valentina Ferenac, Sustainability Strategist

"Katie’s enthusiasm shines from every page, and fires hope for my grandchildren.  I urge all to read this book" - Professor David A Hood, AM HonFIEAust CPEng, 2012 National President Engineers Australia

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What I do
I'm an environmental engineer and a software designer. I help city innovators, sustainability managers and impact entrepreneurs apply data-driven behavior change and gamification design to environmental problems. I teach others how to do it too in my book and podcast How to Save the World.
The Book

The How to Save the World book gives you tutorials, case studies, and a 10-step strategic methodology to utilize data, game design and behavior change for your cause.
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Online Course

Enroll in my video course "Save the World with Design, Data Viz, & Gamification" on Udemy where I take you through 15 different powerful techniques you can do to motivate your audience to change.
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The Podcast

The How to Save the World Podcast helps sustainability and climate experts learn how to wield the power of psychology, behavior and gamification design by exploring the published research.
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Urban Canopy

Urban Canopy is a web platform that allows people to see high resolution urban heat islands to compare properties and encourage cooling and greening.
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Energy Lollipop

Energy Lollipop shows the carbon emissions of the electricity grid in real-time via a Chrome extension and public outdoor display.
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Block Club

Block Club is an idea in development for create close-nit neighborhood groups devoted to decarbonizing each member's building at a time.


The IMAGINE Project is a community that helps people imagine greener biophilic neighborhoods and provides social support to help bring these ideas to life.
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From the Heart Podcast

Released every Wednesday, the From the Heart Podcast is a solo podcast were I talk from the heart about the inside job of living a life of purpose, creativity, and impact.
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Zerowastify is a behavioral science informed guide that teaches 150 zero waste living actions and provides tools to help people share zero waste living habits with people around them.
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Let's work together
I do "idea storm" consulting sessions, design sprints, behavior mapping workshops, keynote speeches, and online guest lectures. 
Design Sprints

You can hire me for a 2 - 5 day design sprint where I will take you through a behavior mapping workshop and design up interfaces for a gamified software concept, app, or campaign.
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Idea Storm Calls

Need some advice or feedback? Book a 90 minute one-on-one video call with me and I can give you all the ideas I have for your project. 
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Guest Lectures

I do guest lectures, keynote speeches, workshops, and lunch 'n' lean sessions on environmental gamification and "fitbit for the planet" design.
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Katie's work has been featured in:
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